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QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE | Grain grower groups highlight key issues for new government

GRAIN grower groups have congratulated incoming prime minister Anthony Albanese and say they look forward with the chance to work with the new ALP government.

While other farm lobby groups have expressed concern at ALP policy on issues such as water, ag visas and live exports, in the grains industry the ALP has won praise for its commitment to look at an inquiry into grain supply chain distortion, Grain Producers Australia chairman Barry Large said he was keen to engage with the new government to ensure it had a handle on the issues impacting grain growers.

"We were greatly encouraged by the ALP's positive response, outlining their positive plans and demonstrating that they're willing to listen to our issues and requests," Mr Large said.

"When last in government, Labor delivered some important policy reforms for the grains sector and we now anticipate the opportunity, as indicated during the campaign, to discuss how we can collaborate and help solve today's issues."

GPA southern director Andrew Weidemann identified a few key areas for the government to look at.

"Key areas such as stronger biosecurity protections, enhanced market access, optimising market competition, increased local manufacturing to reduce input costs, better digital connectivity and greater access to farm labour are all critical," Mr Weidemann said.

But it is issues surrounding competition within the supply chain and a perception that grain growers are getting paid poorly compared to global prices that remains a focus for GPA.

"GPA's key policy request is for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to conduct a market study of the grains supply chain. This can provide independent analysis and reforms to help resolve lingering competition issues impacting growers."


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