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Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)

Grain Producers Australia is a joint representative organisation (RO) to the GRDC with Grain Growers Limited.

The role as RO supports frequent contact with GRDC Board and Executive on a number of issues affecting GRDC operations and strategic objectives.

The executive of Grain Producers Australia (GPA) regularly attends consultation meetings with GRDC board and management. Discussions include activity and strategic objectives of GRDC, key grower concerns from the GPA policy council, as well as broader discussion about the operating environment of GRDC, including legislative reviews and the enabling legislation, Primary Industries Research and Development (PIRD) Act.

The GRDC provides updates on projects, activities and the operating environment. GPA then works with GRDC and GGL on how to best manage changes, including government reviews of research and development corporation, changes to the levy collection system, and other issues of importance to how GRDC operates and delivers value to growers. Additionally, the 5-year strategic RDE plan is developed in coordination and consultation with GPA our state farming organisation (SFO’s) members and other industry parties.


For more information and a copy of the 2018-2023 RDE Plan please download and visit the GRDC website.

Grain Producers Australia (GPA) meets with the board of the GRDC on a regular basis.

The meeting offers the organisations the opportunity to discuss a broad range of grower issues and questions from State Farming Organisations, as well as receive an update from GRDC on the board's strategy. The meetings also provide a forum to discuss GRDC’s operating environment, including the ongoing legislative review by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of the GRDC’s enabling legislation, the PIERD Act. 

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