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Australian Grains Guide

Leaders of grain farming associations from across Australia worked with growers, advisers and technical specialists to prepare this guide. It provides information on legal and market requirements and other practices that can help to protect the integrity of our grain and production systems. It links with the Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice.

Using This Guide

This guide provides information for grain growers and their advisers about managing risks with inputs, grain handling and safety on-farm. 

For each key step in the grain cropping cycle this guide outlines:

  • Meeting the requirements - how grain farming businesses can meet key legal obligations under statute and common law and basic market requirements.

  • Other practices to consider - these practices may help you to produce reliable, quality grain and manage risks.

This guide for grain growers links with the post-farm sectors Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice.

Some parts of the guide will not apply on all farms and the detail of some practices and regulations varies depending on the specific farm circumstances, state and region.

Please refer to the below link for more information, including state and territory laws and codes of practice.

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