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Grains Policy Council

Initially the National Farmers Federation Grains Council, the GPA policy council was formally adopted as their national grain policy setting forum by the grain production farming members around Australia. A representative Policy Development Framework (the framework) is the key business process of Grain Producers Australia. The framework is used to develop well researched, responsible and representative policy to protect and promote Australian grain producers.

For the full copy of the Policy Development Framework, please click on the link below:

Grain Producers Australia has developed this framework so that

  • Statutory obligations are met for the oversight of GRDC for and on behalf of grain producers under the PIERD Act

  • The grains industry, in conjunction with Plant Health Australia, determines appropriate responses to biosecurity incursions

  • Tangible benefits to producers are delivered through robust policy formulation and clear articulation of policy positions

  • Stakeholders can see how GPA acknowledges, assumes responsibility for and is transparent about the development and impacts of its policies for grain producers

  • Key roles and responsibilities within GPA are clearly defined to determine and manage grains industry policies

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