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Farms Advice podcast

GPA is proud to be partnering with the

Farms Advice podcast again in 2023.


Hosted by Jack Cresswell, Farms Advice brings together the leaders and innovators of agribusiness each week to discuss new developments in Australian farming.

GPA is a proud partner of the Farms Advice podcast


Behind the harvest | Colin Bettles and Matthew Madden

21 November 2023

GPA Chief Executive Colin Bettles and Northern Region Director Matthew Madden discuss with host Jack Cresswell the progress of #harvest2023, hail storms, Matthew’s recent trip to India, the proposed biosecurity tax, the GPA board vacancy, and what's on their Christmas wish list.


What's happening for grain producers | Colin Bettles and Barry Large

24 September 2023

GPA Chair Barry Large and Chief Executive Colin Bettles speak to host Jack Cresswell about the issues facing Australian grain producers. They include the proposed 10 per cent biosecurity tax, varroa emergency response, grain production outlook, sheep prices and the live exports ban.


Watching the crops grow | Colin Bettles

24 May 2023

In this wide-ranging discussion, GPA Chief Executive Colin Bettles tells Jack Cresswell what’s front of mind for grain producers, from livestock exports to autonomous machinery, scholarships, biosecurity, the Federal Budget, mice, farm labour and trade.


Doubling down on mouse bait effectiveness with ZP50 | Various

23 December 2022

GPA Southern Region Director Andrew Weidemann and CSIRO mouse expert Steve Henry tell Jack Cresswell what’s been happening behind the scenes to ensure farmers have access to the best tools for defending crops against one of our most damaging pests, mice.


Identifying the pressure of farming in a crisis | Brad Hogg

17 December 2022

Australian cricketing legend Brad Hogg urges farmers to get off Twitter during tough times and stay connected by speaking to mates on the phone. He tells Jack Cresswell talking about problems can lighten the load, improve creative thinking and also help find ideas and answers.


Aussie Grains For Ukraine | Various

13 October 2022

GPA Chief Executive Colin Bettles and subcommittee members and WA grain producers David Fulwood and Simon Wallwork explain to Jack Cresswell how the fundraising campaign aims to help needy farming families and communities in war-torn Ukraine.


The Rising Risks of Biosecurity On-farm | Various

5 July 2022

GPA Chief Executive Colin Bettles, Jim Moran (AgVic) and Stuart Kearns (PHA)  explain to Jack Cresswell how their organisations are collaborating to safeguard Australian grain producers against new pests and diseases.


Three Challenges for Australian Grain Producers | Matthew Madden

26 April 2022

GPA Northern Region Director, Matthew Madden, speaks with Jack Cresswell about three of the major challenges facing Australian grain producers.


How Grain Producers are Moving the Dial | Barry Large

29 March 2022

GPA Chair, Barry Large, speaks with Jack Cresswell about what drives the grains industry in Australia.


Producing Grain in Australia | Colin Bettles

11 August 2021

GPA CEO, Colin Bettles, speaks with Jack Cresswell about how GPA supports grain producers across the country.

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