Code of Practice

Grain Producers Australia has started talks with the WA Government to seek formal endorsement and adoption of a new Code of Practice that will help drive the future use of autonomous farm vehicles and machinery on farms throughout Australia.

The Code of Practice for Agricultural Mobile Field Machinery with Autonomous Functions in Australia has been developed with input from grain producers throughout Australia with manufacturer support and technical input from Australia, the US and the EU. It is an exciting and proactive initiative that is designed to enable future access to a rapidly emerging technology that will deliver productivity gains for growers and the industry.

The Code is designed to guide on:

  • Mobile machinery with semi-autonomous and autonomous functions used in agriculture field operations.

  • Developing and evaluating safe work procedures for use of such machinery.

Examples of such machinery used in grain farming operations include planting, spraying, fertilising and harvest operations.

The joint project between GPA, SPAA and TMA, and drafting and writing the Code has been led by farm technology expert Dr Rohan Rainbow. It was developed with input from the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum using the “Safe mobile autonomous farming in Western Australia – Code of Practice” as an initial discussion template for its development.


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