GPA Grain Producer Membership
Frequently Asked Questions

GPA Membership – an Investment in Grower Profitability

GPA is a not-for-profit member-based organisation representing the national interests of Australian grain producers. By becoming a GPA Grain Producer Member, you’re also contributing to strengthening the profitability, productivity and sustainability of grain producers, with a stronger grower voice and policy advocacy, to advance our industry.


While we advocate for all growers on matters that directly impact our businesses, GPA has two main legislated roles; representing all growers who pay the compulsory levy to fund Research, Development and Extension activities, by the Grains Research and Development Corporation, under the PIERD Act; and on biosecurity as members of Plant Health Australia in being signatories to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed.


What Does GPA Membership Provide?

As well as influencing outcomes for the above areas, GPA Membership entitles you to receive regular communications such as newsletters and media releases on GPA activities for issues directly impacting the profitability and productivity of your grain farming business.


GPA Membership also gives you the opportunity to directly participate in processes that help deliver and promote change for the Australian grains industry, through voting and policy-setting.


GPA Membership also allows you to contribute directly to strengthening GPA’s ability to deliver projects and outcomes, as a not-for-profit member-based organisation, working in your interests.


How Is GPA Membership Calculated?

As per section 9.4 of the GPA Constitution, the annual Grain Producer Membership Subscription Fee is determined by the GPA Board. This Fee is currently set at 0.035% of the gross farm-gate value of grain production (GVP), to be calculated for the previous financial year, at the date of signing this Membership Application form. (A GVP of $200,000 for example equals a $70 Subscription Fee). This Fee also determines the individual member’s direct voting entitlements. A one-off $50 fee applies to all new applicants and the minimum Subscription Fee is $50.


After applications are processed and determined by the GPA Board, Grain Producer Members are formally notified in writing and then added to the GPA Members’ Register. The Register includes Member voting entitlements for General Meetings, as determined by Subscription Fee payments.​​

​What About Members of State Farming Organisations?

Members of State Farming Organisations and their Grains Councils are already paid members with voting rights and other entitlements, within the GPA Business Member category. This membership category provides a collective and powerful voice to directly influence and determine national policy matters and outcomes, as members of the GPA Policy Council.


How Do I Join GPA, via the National Grower Register System’s Grain Delivery Card?

Your GPA Membership and the Fee can also be nominated through the National Grower Register (NGR) system, when completing details of your Grain Delivery Card. However, this does not guarantee membership or the collection of subscription fees by GPA. This is due to privacy laws within the NGR system (Where GPA is listed as an ‘Identification Subscriber’) and the need for individual agreements between GPA and grain buyers/traders. Selecting the GPA Levy option on your NGR Grain Delivery Card will allow your GPA membership fee and contact details to be passed on to those you are trading with, if such an agreement is in place. Please notify GPA (email button/link) if you have chosen to pay your subscription fee this way.