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GPA Grain Producer Membership
Frequently Asked Questions

GPA Membership is an investment in grain producer profitability.

As not-for-profit member-based organisation, GPA is the national body which represents the interests of Australian grain producers, to boost grower profitability and sustainability. By becoming a GPA Grain Producer Member, you’re also contributing to strengthening the voice of Australian grain producers and bolstering our capacity to advocate on national policy issues and achieve these goals. Being a GPA member ensures you can have a say, participating in protecting and advancing the commercial interests of your grain farming business and building a better future.


GPA advocates national policy to meet core responsibilities representing about 22,500 levy-paying grain producers, whether or not they’re GPA members, to meet various requirements under different areas of Federal Legislation.


These legislative responsibilities include; biosecurity, through Plant Health Australia with roles protecting growers’ interests under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed; strategic oversight of the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s investment of grower and government funds into RD&E projects and activities; and supporting grain market access and chemical use and application, through the National Residue Survey.


Grain producers contribute 1.02 per cent of our net crop sales towards compulsory levies each year which comprises; the GRDC (0.99pc); EPPRD (0.005pc); Plant Health Australia (0.01pc); and National Residue Survey (0.015pc).


For example, the GRDC annual report shows for the past two record crops Australian grain producers contributed more than $261 million in levies for 2023 and more than $223 million the year before. These grower levy funds are also matched with taxpayer contributions, to co-invest in RD&E projects. GPA plays a critical role representing growers in these processes to ensure accountability and transparency in the system through areas of governance, including board appointments and regular consultation forums.


What Does GPA Membership Provide?

As well as providing direct representation on the above areas, GPA Membership entitles you to receive regular communications such as news-letters and media releases to stay in touch on GPA activities and industry issues.


GPA Membership also provides you with the opportunity to directly participate in open and transparent processes that help influence positive change for grain producers and the Australian grains industry, through voting rights and entitlement.


GPA Membership also allows you to contribute directly to strengthening GPA’s ability to deliver projects and outcomes, as a not-for-profit member-based organisation, to benefit growers on matters such as farm chemicals and technology, trade and market access, sustainability etc. 


How Is GPA Membership Calculated?

As per section 9.4 of the GPA Constitution, the annual Grain Producer Membership Subscription Fee is determined by the GPA Board. This Fee is currently set at 0.035% of the gross farm-gate value of grain production (GVP), to be calculated for the previous financial year, at the date of signing a Membership Application form. (A GVP of $200,000 for example equals a $70 Subscription Fee). This Fee also determines the individual member’s direct voting entitlements. A one-off $50 fee applies to all new applicants and the minimum Subscription Fee is $50.


After applications are processed and determined by the GPA Board, Grain Producer Members are formally notified in writing and then added to the GPA Members’ Register. The Register includes Member voting entitlements for General Meetings, as determined by Subscription Fee payments.​​

​What About Members of State Farming Organisations?

Members of State Farming Organisations and their Grains Councils are already paid members with voting rights and other entitlements, within the GPA Business Member category. This membership category provides a collective and powerful voice to directly influence and determine national policy matters and outcomes, as members of the GPA Policy Council. 


How Do I Join GPA Via The National Grower Register with my Grain Delivery Card?

To support our work, grain producers can nominate the GPA voluntary levy through the National Grower Register (NGR) system, when completing details of your Grain Delivery Card. However, this does not guarantee direct membership entitlements or collection of funds by GPA. Individual agreements between GPA and grain buyers/traders are needed to enable any levies to be collected. Selecting the GPA voluntary levy option in your NGR Grain Delivery Card will allow GPA to identify those who select this option. Please notify GPA if you have selected this option, and if you wish to pay the one-off $50 fee which applies to all new membership applicants.

What Are The Different Membership Categories?

Following feedback and to simplify this process help facilitate direct payments, GPA has introduced the following categories for Grain Producer Members, to nominate their level of individual support, and voting entitlements.

Platinum Member (30 votes) $1550

Gold Member (20 votes) $1050

Silver Member (10 votes) $550

Bronze Member (4 votes) $250

Direct Member (3 votes) $150


Any Further Questions Or For Support, Please Contact GPA Here:

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