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FARM WEEKLY | Grain Producers Australia keeps an eye on US hybrid wheat release

A NEW type of hybrid wheat - somewhat of a holy grail for growers - is due to be released in the United States this year. Global seed maker Syngenta is preparing to release the new wheat type for the upcoming US growing season, Reuters news agency has reported.

Responding to the breakthrough, Grain Producers Australia (GPA) research, development and extension spokesman and southern director Andrew Weidemann, told Farm Weekly successful commercial hybrid wheat technology could be good news for Australian growers, offering the potential to boost farm profitability and sustainability, particularly if higher yield varieties could off-set rising input costs. "Delivering yield improvements for the nation's biggest grain crop is especially critical now, given the major costs increases we've seen for key inputs such as fertiliser, fuel and pesticides - and escalating supply chain pressures - over recent years,'' Mr Weidemann said.

Mr Weidemann said Australian growers needed to keep pace with global trends and that GPA supported continued research collaborations and investments to try to deliver genuine yield gains and a similar economic uplift for Australian wheat producers.


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