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FARM ONLINE | ACCC looks at review of grain export arrangement

CONCERNS about a lack of transparency in the allocation of bulk grain export capacity has seen the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) raise the possibility of a review of the bulk wheat code of conduct.

Last week the ACCC released its grain ports monitoring report.

Within it, ACCC deputy chair Mick Keogh said there was a need for reform within the grain export sector.

"While the grains industry has mixed views about the effectiveness of the current code, it's clear it isn't working optimally and a review is needed," Mr Keogh said.

Grain grower groups are claiming it as a moral victory in their push for the federal government to launch an ACCC-led inquiry into competition issues within the grains industry.

Grain Producers Australia southern director Andrew Weidemann welcomed the ACCC report, saying it raised a number of the same questions his organisation had.

"We believe it is time to get under the hood of the grain export system and really have a look at what is happening and what can be improved," Mr Weidemann said.


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