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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Trade Minister Don Farrell confirms easing of Australian-Indian tariffs

Two tariff cuts with India in quick succession are setting Australian crop farmers up for a happier new year after a saturated 2022 season.

Federal Trade Minister Don Farrell today confirmed the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) had come into effect.

Grain Producers Australia southern region director Andrew Weidemann said the complete removal of Indian tariffs on barley and oats was a win for the sector.

He told The Weekly Times more detail was needed on what tariffs, if any, would apply to pulses in the new year.

“There’s been a lot of work in the Australian-Indian trade relationship and now we’re starting to see the benefits from that,” Mr Weidemann said.

“Getting Australian pulses into India tariff-free would be a big win for us, so we’ll keep an eye on the detail there. India is a huge market for chickpeas and pulses.

“Much of India has experienced drought in recent times and pulse production is down as a result. It’s a politically sensitive area for any Indian government, because the agricultural vote is very powerful there, but we’re on the right track.”


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