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Western Australian growers looking to donate grain to #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE during this year’s harvest are reminded of the different processes they need to follow, in the CBH delivery system.

The Ukraine appeal was announced earlier this year with a farmer-led Grain Producers Australia (GPA) sub-committee formed to coordinate and drive the fundraising campaign.

Committee spokesperson and Cunderdin grain producer, David Fulwood, said he wanted to see as many Australian growers as possible donating grain, using the right processes.

“Growers in WA who deliver grain to CBH do not use the NGR system that’s used by other growers in the eastern states,” he said.

“With harvest underway in WA, it’s timely to make everyone aware of the difference in CBH’s system and how they can make donations, using their Loadnet accounts.

“This will help to ensure all growers can make a contribution to our fundraising appeal with a minimum of fuss, to help support other farmers and communities in Ukraine.

“A few tonnes of grain donated from this Aussie harvest will make a huge difference for people in the Ukraine, to help them get through this terrible crisis and support recovery efforts.”

CBH Process in Loadnet

  • WA growers can deliver grain in their own name through normal process.

  • Transfer of donated grain is then made by logging into the growers’ Loadnet account.

  • Growers can then select “Donate” on the “Nomination” drop down menu.

  • Under the “Charity” drop down menu, growers can then select “AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE” and then choose the load or part load to be donated.

The sub-committee has also approved the UN Crisis Relief's Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and World Vision Ukraine Appeal to provide targeted support for farming families and communities in need, with funds raised from donated grain.

The World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine program has also been chosen to specifically help rural communities and farms with rebuilding efforts, and Oxfam International.

Australian grain producers are being urged to donate grain delivered from this year’s winter harvest via a dedicated Grower Delivery Card, registered to GPA, in the National Grower Register system.

The Grower Delivery Card in the NGR is numbered 1500 4442 and registered to GPA.



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