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GRAIN CENTRAL | GPA maintains fundraising for Ukraine

AUSTRALIAN grain producers have donated more than $40,000 to four nominated charities to support Ukraine farmers and rural communities with their long-term recovery from war.

The #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE initiative was established to give Australian growers a way of supporting Ukraine growers and farming communities facing unimaginable atrocities and disruption to their lives due to Russia’s invasion of their country last year.

Grain Producers Australia’s farmer sub-committee member and WA grain producer David Fulwood thanked all growers who have donated some of their grain to help the national fundraising appeal.

“We’ve raised about $41,000 in total from selling about 90 tonnes of grain that was donated by Australian growers from last year’s harvest,” Mr Fulwood said.

Given the war is continuing, GPA chief executive Colin Bettles said the facility would remain open for growers who wanted to donate grain in future.

“The sub-committee felt it was prudent to sell the grain donated form last harvest and after basic costs such as freight, donate the funds we’ve raised so far to the four dominated charities,” Mr Bettles said.


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