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Late-season glyphosate on feed barley label approved

Grain Producers Australia Chairman, Mr Andrew Weidemann, advises producers that the APVMA has approved a revised label for Roundup Ultra Max Herbicide for use in late-season applications of glyphosate on feed barley.

The label approval follows more than four years of work by Grain Producers Australia, GRDC, Bayer and the previous permit registrant Nufarm.

The new label details application rates for pre-harvest application of glyphosate as Roundup Ultra Max Herbicide as a harvest aid and weed control in Barley with the label restraint - DO NOT apply to malting barley. The revised maximum residue limit (MRL) of 20mg/kg glyphosate will now apply to barley.

Producers are reminded of the importance of stewardship of pesticide products, including glyphosate. The conditions of use, directions and restraints of the product label must be followed. Declarations of use may also be required and complied with as directed by buyers and traders.

Grain Producers Australia would like to thank the APVMA for the review and consideration of the label application.

A copy of the label is available online here.


Further Information:

Andrew Weidemann, Chairman, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0428 504 544

Maddison McNeil, Executive Officer, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0432 988 694

A PDF of the statement is available online here.


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