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AUSTRALIAN RURAL & REGIONAL NEWS | GPA urges govt to listen and act on 10 per cent biosecurity tax

Australian grain producers have delivered another firm message to Canberra about their unambiguous opposition to paying the Federal Government’s proposed 10 per cent biosecurity levy.

GPA Chair and WA grain producer, Barry Large, said Grain Producers Australia’s submission to the public consultation process is urging the Federal Government to listen closely to the concerns raised by those set to be hit hardest by the proposed policy – and their positive recommendations.

Mr Large also chairs the GPA biosecurity Committee and said grain producers have serious misgivings about the proposed 10 per cent levy and oppose paying another one – and these strong views are shared by other agricultural representative organisations and plant industry members.

“GPA understands the Federal Government’s intent to deliver a sustainable funding model for biosecurity, but the proposed policy fails to deliver this outcome on multiple levels,” he said.

“We all want tougher preventative measures to help protect growers, rural communities and the national economy against the social and economic impacts of devastating pests and diseases."

Mr Large said there’s no guarantee this funding from the 10 per cent levy-tax on producers will in fact reach the Department of Agriculture’s budget and biosecurity programs.

“And we already know these funds won’t be re-directed towards investments in existing levy programs and agencies – such as the Grains Research and Development Corporation and Plant Health Australia – that work in trusted partnerships with levy-paying growers,” he said.


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