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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Hopes building over tariff removal

Speculation over India possibly removing the 40 per cent tariff it has on Australian wheat imports has sparked cautious optimism in the industry.

While nothing is confirmed, The Weekly Times reported that Indian wheat supplies are at a seven-year-low and this would need to be replenished with 3-5 million tonnes of imported wheat.

India removed a tariff on Desi chickpeas earlier this year.

This tariff, initially equating to 33 per cent were first established by India in 2017/2018, effectively eliminated Australian chickpea exports into India - the world’s biggest consumer of chickpeas. 

Rupanyup farmer and Grain Producers Australia southern director Andrew Weidemann said if the tariff was dropped or reduced it would be good news for growers.

“The tariff has been stopping grain being sold to India,” he said.

Mr Weidemann said there had been speculation around the tariff due to low production in India.

“Any shift in tariffs is always a good sign,” he said.


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