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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Grain4Ukraine: Aussie grain farmers to donate profits to Ukraine

Australian farmers have decided to donate a portion of their expected profits from increasing grain prices back to Ukraine.

The Aussie Grain4Ukraine appeal launched today and is aiming to raise funds and share a message of solidarity with Ukrainian people suffering under Russia’s invasion.

South Australian grain farmer James Stacey said the idea for a donation drive began with a conversation online about ways to support Ukrainian grain farmers.

“Grain prices have gone up due to this conflict and we want to contribute some of this upside to the greater good of humanity. We’ll be donating some of the grain we deliver at harvest to be sold for this cause,” Mr Stacey said. “We want other Australian farmers to do the same. These funds will be allocated towards programs that will help Ukrainian farmers and their communities with long-term recovery efforts.”

The Black Sea region accounts for about 30 per cent of the world’s wheat exports, and exports from the region have slowed dramatically since Russia invaded, driving up global grain prices.

The group of farmers behind Grain4Ukraine is asking Australian grain farmers to display Ukraine flags on their farm machinery as seeding gets underway across the country and share photos on social media using the #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE hashtag.

“We want the farmers of Ukraine to know they have support all around the world,” the launch announcement said.

The farmers behind the launch say they are the first group in the world to start a grain donation drive for Ukraine, and they home farming organisations in other countries follow suit.

West Australian grain farmer Simon Wallwork said he hoped see “an army of Australian grain farmers putting their Ukrainian flags out and sharing this call to arms on social media”.

West Australian grain farmer David Fulwood said he hoped bulk handlers got behind the effort too. “We also welcome other grains industry leaders and members, especially bulk grain handlers and marketers, putting their hands up to contribute any way they can,” he said.

Australian grain producers can donate grain delivered from this year’s winter harvest via a grower delivery card in the National Grower Register system.


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