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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Farmers sow barley with confidence

China's removal of tariffs on Australian barley has growers confident in their barley plantings this year.

The 80 per cent tariff had been in place since 2020 and growers were forced to look to other markets for their barley, but the tariff removal in August 2023 changed the state of play.

The Weekly Times reported that Australian feed barley prices had experienced a slight uptick to sit at $360 per tonne.

Grain Producers Australia southern director Andrew Weidemann said barley was a good option for the so far dry season and it would feature strongly in rotations alongside lentils this year.

Mr Weidemann said it was early days for sowing, but anecdotally, there was likely to be more barley going in.

“When we see the prices at around $360 a tonne delivered to port, it is a good signal for this time of the year during sowing,” he said.

“But you never know how quickly things can change in a market.”


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