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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Farmers keep an eye on mouse numbers

Amid the dry conditions complicating seeding and the timing of germinating crops, farmers are monitoring mouse numbers and the need for baiting.

There are no reports of mouse numbers being plague proportions at this stage however, germination could add to existing pressure.

The Weekly Times spoke to NSWFarmers Grains Committee Chair and Brocklesby grower Justin Everitt as he was close to finishing his seeding program.

He said as conditions got colder it was important to monitor mouse numbers to ensure they didn't get out of hand.

Grain Producers Australia has spearheaded access for industry to use double strength mouse bait (ZP50) to give growers an efficient baiting option.

Access to this formulation through the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) expired in December 2023 and GPA continues to work with APMVA to provide relevant information to support the reinstation of the product.


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