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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Farmers could unwittingly be using and storing chemicals

Calls to update the chemical labelling system in Australia could prevent growers accidently using out-of-date or no longer registered chemicals.

The current system relies on growers subscribing to an email alert system from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), but The Weekly Times reported there are widespread concerns many aren't aware of this system and advocacy groups are calling for an update to the system.

Grain Producers Australia southern director Andrew Weidemann said there was a strong case for labels to be made electronic to avoid issues when uses changed or when there were recalls.

This would mean farmers could scan a QR code to find out the latest use and safety information on a chemical.

“Surely in this modern day, we could have communication of label changes by electronic means,” Mr Weidemann said.

“It is frustrating that we can’t move this on for industry.”


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