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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Assessments start for End Point Royalties

Members of the grains industry are concerned that compliance audits are being conducted during the busiest time of the year.

Activity has recently begun investigating the accuracy of End Point Royalty (EPR) declarations through Australian Crop Breeders, as growers are in the midst of harvest.

Grain Producers Australia southern region director, Andrew Weidemann, said now was a busy time of the year, and the audits were an impost.

“I’m sure any response to these audits would be blunt, given how busy we all are,” he said.

The aim of the audits is to investigate the accuracy of EPRs for various varieties. Information required includes tonnes of grain retained for seed and retained on farm and tonnes of grain warehoused off farm.

Mr Weidemann said it would likely be more acceptable if the information were collected at the point of sale.


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