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THE WEEKLY TIMES | Ag exports to India surge, "has the potential to be bigger than China"

Australia's new trade agreement with India has spurred a 60 per cent increase in agricultural exports since its confirmation last year.

The agreement has either removed or reduced a number of tariffs and the sheep meat, almonds, broad beans and seafood markets have increased from 55 per cent to 200 per cent.

The Weekly Times outlined that tariffs will be gradually phased out over nine years for other categories such as wine, avocados, chickpeas, berries, cherries and almonds, among other horticultural crops.

Pulse growers are set to benefit from suspended tariffs on chickpeas, as announced last week.

Grain Producers Association Deputy Chair Matthew Madden said the tariff removal had given the grains industry confidence their chickpeas had stable market access.

“Now farmers are chasing seed and ensuring inputs are available," he said.

"This (India) is definitely the best price for chickpeas, as well as for lentils."


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