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Grain Producers Australia Chair, Barry Large, says India’s reduction of tariffs on Australian lentils is good news for Australian grain growers, to help capture increased export value.

Mr Large said the Indian Government’s decision to reduce the import duty for Australian lentils to zero was revealed yesterday and is understood to be effective immediately.

“We welcome this latest move to reduce trade barriers on Australian lentils exported to India and the opportunity this brings for Australian growers,” Mr Large said.

“In late 2017, GPA expressed disappointment when shock 30 per cent tariffs were imposed on Australian pulse exports and warned about the potential adverse impacts of this trade disruption for not only Australian growers, but also Indian consumers.

“The reduction of this tariff now is a welcome, positive step towards rebuilding trust and confidence in this important export market, to help optimise this high value crop’s potential. “

Mr Large said Australian grain producers understand fluctuations exist with import barriers shifting up and down in this market historically, and the reasons why it happens.

However, he said GPA urges Federal Trade Minister Dan Tehan to keep his finger on the pulse and deliver good outcomes for Australian grain producers, with certainly a prime focus, in the current negotiations to try to secure a future free trade deal between Australia and India.

“We respect the sensitivities of the Indian government around these agricultural imports and their domestic reasoning and local demands – but delivering certainty for Australian grain producers is also vitally important,” he said.

“Trying to remove this market risk and curtail volatility will help support better planning and decisions by Australian growers and our industry, providing more stability and potential long-term growth opportunities and benefits from our trading relationship.

“This stability also extends to investment in future research and development to support growers with science-led directions on the agronomic benefits of growing pulses and consumer benefits.

“The Indian market represents a significant opportunity to feed the world’s second biggest population with high quality Australian grains, such as lentils. Australia is also one of the lowest emissions intensity grain producing countries, compared to other major grain exporting countries.



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