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RURAL FOCUS | GPA Chair Barry Large on news the BPL is expected to fall over in the Senate

News from Australian Parliament last night highlights that the Federal Government's proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy will not receive the votes it needs to pass the Senate.

Rural Focus announcer Troy Stockden spoke to Grain Producers Australia Chair Barry Large about the news the poorly devised policy would not eventuate.

"I'm glad that commonsense prevailed," he said.

"This was flawed from the beginning and I'm glad that has been seen.

"When it was first announced we made it clear that this was unpalatable and just a cash grab for the Agricultural Department."

Mr Large said the GPA and grain growers more widely, remained committed to biosecurity issues and risk management for the good of all Australians.

"We will now go about business of managing, making sure that any policy for biosecurity management is fit for purpose," he said.


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