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RURAL FOCUS | Brad Hogg Interview with Troy Stockden for Men’s Health Week

Aussie cricketing legend and WA farm boy, Brad Hogg, is the National Ambassador of GPA’s Mates Mental Health initiative, working in partnership with Nufarm, Rural Aid, Lifeline and GrainGrowers.

This year’s theme, on the ‘Take-a-Break’ tour, is all about the importance of reminding farmers and everyone that it’s essential to down tools and take a break from work, to stay, fit, fresh and healthy.

Brad launched the first of his field day visits for 2023 at FarmFest in Toowoomba, where he also spent time with AgForce members and the Rural Aid team.

This week Brad also spoke to Rural Focus host Troy Stockden about Men’s Health Week and the importance of taking a holiday.

“And don’t leave out the women – they have their troubles as well and we need make sure we include them in the whole process,” he said.

“If you’ve got three or four days, take the family away.”


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