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Growers and mouse bait retailers are being reminded about new reporting procedures that have been introduced and need to be followed, to enable access to double strength (ZP50) mouse bait products and support best practice application.

The new processes were implemented as part of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority’s (APVMA) one-year extension of Grain Producers Australia’s (GPA) emergency use permit (PER90799), from 1 January 2023.

This permit allows continued access to the new ZP50 mouse bait products, supplied by the various manufacturers listed on the permit, enabling stronger control options to help safeguard crops.

GPA Southern Director, Andrew Weidemann AM, said growers are now weighing up decisions about their cropping programs for the year ahead, including the need to apply mouse bait products in their paddocks, while remaining vigilant with mouse activity occurring in various grain producing regions.

Mr Weidemann said in late 2022, GPA designed and implemented new reporting processes in GPA Training, as part of the APVMA’s requirements, to comply with the extended permit’s conditions.

“GPA Training makes it much easier and simpler for growers and applicators – and retailers – to provide the reporting that’s required, under the APVMA’s rules for this new permit,” he said.

“Instead of filling in extra paperwork and written declarations, growers can do the reporting and stewardship course online in GPA Training and then show their certificate to retailers.

“A PDF digital certificate can be downloaded after completing the course. This can be saved onto your smartphone, or a printed copy can be produced.”

Mr Weidemann said once retailers have been shown the certificate, it allows them to sell ZP50 products being supplied under this industry permit.

“This approach is a similar to someone showing a ticket to authorise their entry to an event and this avoids double-handing and added paper-work for everyone,” he said.

“Now is the time to start looking seriously at how and why these new processes are being provided for growers in GPA Training, as we head into seeding, with mice activity still occurring.

“This reporting and stewardship will help satisfy the APVMA’s requirements and improve on-farm practices, ultimately supporting the productivity and sustainability of growers and our industry.”

The APVMA permit was first delivered by GPA in May 2021 following industry collaboration, with targeted GRDC investment for growers and CSIRO research, on new mouse control options.

The industry permit and digital training and reporting forms part of GPA’s strategic aims, working with industry stakeholders on initiatives that help boost grower productivity and sustainability.

This includes strategic objectives that help to improve resource management, market access, and product integrity, with a focus on the correct use of agricultural pesticides.

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