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QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE | Supply chain improvements a key for growers, industry

BULK handlers and grain producers are united in their push to see greater efficiencies within the grain supply chain taking grain from the farmgate to port for export or to its domestic destination.

While there has been some tension between the grain trade and grain growers over issues such as Australia's comparatively low grain prices, there is strong agreement between the sectors that bolstering the supply chain would be a win for all of the industry.

Grain Producers Australia said in their 2022 federal election survey a whopping 44.4 per cent of grain growers nominated transportation and freight costs as one of their top five policy issues.

GPA chief executive Colin Bettles said the Australian grains industry needed to prepare for larger harvests in the future as farmers got more efficient and yields increased.

He said this year's record crop, flagged by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences at 62 million tonnes, came in spite of production issues such as heavy frost, mouse plagues and excessive harvest rain.

"These events reduced the overall crop volume, quality and value in various grain producing regions, so this would suggest there's still good opportunity to produce more Australian grain in future and improve returns to growers," Mr Bettles said.


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