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QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE | Here comes the rain again: Farmers despair as more wet weather on the way

Queensland grain growers are concerned rain forecast for much of the country this week could further impact their plans for harvesting summer crops and sowing winter crops.

Parts of south east, central west and the east coast of Queensland have had ongoing rain for several months that had delayed their sorghum harvests and blocked the start of their sowing period.

Queensland Country Life spoke to AgForce Grains President, Grain Producers Australia Northern Region Director and Warra grower Brendan Taylor ahead of the forecasted rain.

He said while they had just finished their sorghum harvest, others were still at work and any rain would further delay this process.

'Our barley is in and is up and growing and chickpeas around the Darling Downs will go around mid-June," he said.

Mr Taylor said depending on how heavy any late-autumn rain was, it would be "bitter-sweet".

"Our growing crops will happily take between 10mm and 15mm," he said.

"But no-one wants to see bigger rains."


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