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Grain Producers Australia congratulates renowned CSIRO researcher and mouse expert, Steve Henry, for his significant contribution to the Australian grains industry. Mr Henry claimed the GRDC’s Northern Region Seed of Light Award this week recognising his leadership in helping grain producers to manage mouse plagues.

Well known to Australian grain producers, particularly in the Northern region, Mr Henry has also become something of a household name. This was highlighted during the 2021 mouse plague as multiple media outlets utilised his scientific expertise to help explain the impact of the mouse plague on farmers and regional communities.

GPA has worked closely with Mr Henry over many years, via our role representing grain producers on the GRDC funded National Mouse Management Group (NMMG). This Group helps develop new strategies and tools to give growers better control over mouse plagues, and help protect their crops. Over the last 12 months, Mr Henry’s unmatched expertise in mouse management, combined with his tireless commitment to public education, have been invaluable.

GPA RD&E Spokesperson and Victorian grain producer, Andrew Weidemann, said Mr Henry’s work has provided vital support to Australian grain producers in their battle to protect crops from mouse plagues, and therefore safeguard farm productivity and sustainability.

“In particular, Steve’s research with Australia’s national science agency, and collaborating with industry through the NMMG, led to the timely ZP50 mouse bait option being available for growers to use last year with good results,” Mr Weidemann said.

“Growers also appreciate Steve’s great ability to translate what are often complex and technical farming issues to the broader Australian community, to help them understand our challenges better and create empathy, through his work in the media.”

According to GRDC Northern Panel Chair, John Minogue, Mr Henry’s leadership and knowledge made him the obvious choice for the 2022 Northern Seed of Light Award.

“Steve has cemented himself as a trusted, informed member of the grains industry, who communicates in a way that everybody can understand,” he said. “Steve consistently goes over and above for the industry he supports and the northern grains sector is incredibly fortunate to have the backing of such a knowledgeable, experienced professional who’s made such an impression on the performance of our production.”


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