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Late-season glyphosate permit on feed barley approved

Grain Producers Australia Chairman, Mr Andrew Weidemann, advises industry that the APVMA has issued a permit for ‘Pre-Harvest Desiccation and Spray Topping of Weeds in Specified Barley (Except Malting Barley) - Permit number – PER82594 (v2)’. The permit expiry is 30 April 2020. The permit extends the practice of late-season glyphosate application on barley (feed only) from the original permit issued on 2 November 2016. The permit will allow grain producers and traders to put appropriate plans in place for the 19/20 harvest...

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Further information:

Andrew Weidemann, Chairman, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0428 504 544

Maddison McNeil, Executive Officer, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0432 988 694


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