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GROUNDCOVER | Mouse bait online training course

Grain growers can now access online stewardship training and reporting programs that have been introduced to support best practice application of ZP50 mouse bait products.

An industry permit (PER90799) for the use of ZP50 was issued to Grain Producers Australia (GPA) by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority during the height of the mouse plague in 2021.

The new mouse control option was the result of collaborative research between Australia’s national science agency – CSIRO, and GRDC. The collaboration also included input from growers through the National Mouse Management Group.

When the initial permit for ZP50 was due to expire in October 2022, GPA applied for an extension to ensure growers could continue accessing this important control option.

As part of approving the one-year permit extension, the APVMA required new stewardship and reporting, to ensure best practice when applying ZP50 mouse bait products.

In response to APVMA’s requirements, GPA, with support from GRDC, has developed a stewardship training course and reporting program. Growers and applicators will need to complete these programs prior to the purchase of ZP50 products.


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