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Grain Producers Australia welcomes the announcement today of GRDC’s commitment to provide more than $17.5 million over four years, to fund Grains Australia’s ongoing development.

GPA Deputy Chair and grower representative on the Grains Australia Advisory Committee, Andrew Earle, said the funding commitment provide a level of certainty, to support Grains Australia’s continued evolution.

Mr Earle said the funding allowed continuity for Grains Australia to further consolidate ‘industry good’ functions and increase necessary capacity building, with more professional staff and technical expertise.

However, he said Grains Australia also had to ensure it delivered genuine outcomes and demonstrated results, which increased the value of Australian grains and boosted returns for Australian grain producers.

“GPA backed the initial establishment of Grains Australia with the use of grower levies to achieve shared goals of increasing market access and efficiencies, to boost the profitability, sustainability and international competitiveness of the Australian grains industry,” he said.

“This funding is another step towards achieving these outcomes – not only for growers but also across the industry. This also improves economic returns for rural communities and the economy.

“GPA will continue acting as a strong voice advocating for growers in this evolution process and to ensure growers remain central to Grains Australia’s structure, goals and objectives.”

More about Grains Australia HERE



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