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GRAIN CENTRAL | Vigilance required as mice become active

GRAIN Producers Australia (GPA) is urging growers to be alert and prepared to take action, amid increasing reports of mouse activity occurring throughout the nation’s grain producing areas.

GPA southern director and special projects manager, Andrew Weidemann, said with planting underway in most cropping regions, growers are being warned to monitor their paddocks closely for any signs of mice and remain vigilant during seeding and the growing season.

Mr Weidemann said patchy activity has been reported in his home farming state of Victoria and other grain producing states.

But with high numbers reported in parts of Western Australia and South Australia, experts are now urging growers to take action at sowing in order to minimise losses, he said.

GPA northern director and Moree grower, Matthew Madden, said it was important to seek the advice of experts, with mouse populations reported in some areas of New South Wales and Queensland.

Mr Madden said growers experiencing mouse activity can report what they observe to the Mouse Alert website which also provides professional guidance and tips on how best to respond.


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