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Grain Producers Australia has praised the strength and resilience of Ukrainian Grain Association President, Nikolay Gorbachov, and welcomed his backing of GPA’s Aussie Grain4Ukraine appeal.

Mr Gorbachov spoke with GPA Chair and WA grain producer, Barry Large, about the fundraising campaign during the Australian Grains Industry Conference in Melbourne this week.

The fundraising initiative will see grain donated by Australian farmers at harvest this year and the funds directed towards delivering targeted long-term humanitarian recovery aid, to support Ukrainian farmers and farming communities.

Mr Gorbachov is the President of Ukraine’s Association of grain producers, processors and exporters and expressed his gratitude for the aid program provided by Australian farmers, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

Mr Large said GPA’s Aussie Grain4Ukraine appeal is all about Australian grain farmers doing what they can to support Ukraine farmers and their communities during an extremely difficult time.

“With about 22,500 grain producers in Australia, even if we donate one tonne of wheat each this harvest, it can all add up to making a big difference to the lives of people in the Ukraine,” he said.

“In a time of great uncertainty this will also help deliver more hope and optimism about the future.”

Pic: Ukrainian Grain Association President, Nikolay Gorbachov, and Grain Producers Australia Chair, Barry Large.

Mr Gorbachov said he was extremely grateful for the support of Australia’s grain farmers, in response to the disaster his farmers are facing, with the war causing devastating long-term impacts on the logistics supply chain and grain export capacity.

“We really appreciate any help that can be provided at this time and I’d like to sincerely thank Australia’s grain producers for their contribution,” he said.

Mr Gorbachov received a standing ovation from the 500 delegates gathered at the AGIC conference.

His moving speech highlighted the immense social and economic challenges currently being faced by Ukraine farmers, and their communities, but also their strength of resilience.

Despite planting a crop that’s unlikely to provide any returns, and great uncertainty at being able to export any grain, and the food security challenges presented due to the war’s impacts on the logistics supply chain, he said his people have an optimistic view of the future.

The #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE fundraising program is being organised by a farmer-led sub-committee of GPA. Targeted humanitarian support partners will soon be announced, leading into harvest.

To support the cause, Australian grain producers can donate grain delivered from this year’s winter harvest via a dedicated Grower Delivery Card, in the National Grower Register system. The NGR Card number is 1500 4442 and registered to Grain Producers Australia Limited.



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