Aussie Grain4Ukraine Fundraising Appeal

The Aussie Grain4Ukraine appeal is calling for Australian grain farmers to come together to deliver humanitarian support for Ukrainian farmers and farming communities. #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE


A farmer-led sub-committee of Grain Producers Australia (GPA) has been formed to drive the fundraising campaign and direct targeted humanitarian support, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated towards programs that will help Ukrainian farmers and their communities with long-term recovery efforts.

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How can I participate in the Aussie Grain4Ukraine Appeal?

There are several ways that Australian farmers can be involved in the appeal.

1) Spread the word

Show your support by displaying the Ukraine flag on your farm machinery during seeding. We urge you to share images of your flags and machines on social media with the #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE hashtag.


2) Donate grain

To support the cause, Australian grain producers can donate grain delivered from this year’s winter harvest via a dedicated Grower Delivery Card, in the National Grower Register system. The NGR Card number is 1500 4442 and registered to Grain Producers Australia Limited.

What projects will be supported?

We are encouraging Australian farmers to provide ideas and suggestions on where and how to target the best possible support. The sub-committee will analyse these suggestions and determine the most appropriate programs. This approach will focus on directing funding towards long-term, future recovery efforts for Ukrainian farmers and their communities, to make a genuine difference, as they come out the other end of this conflict

We encourage farmers to share this call for support via their own social media channels and networks.

I have an initiative I’d like to suggest

Ideas for support programs and suggested aid measures can be submitted via email or using the Contact Form. Once determined by the sub-committee, a list of the programs will be made available on the campaign page, prior to harvest, so growers know where fundraising is being directed. Once complete, a project report will also be posted for full transparency.


Who are the sub-committee members?

SA farmer James Stacey and WA farmers, David Fulwood, Simon Wallwork and Brad Jones, Market Analyst Andrew Whitelaw and GPA Executive, Colin Bettles. Picture: David Fulwood (top left), Brad Jones, Andrew Whitelaw (centre left), James Stacey (bottom left) and Simon Wallwork (bottom right).

Grain4Ukraine Sub-Committee.png