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FARM ONLINE | Flood hit croppers waiting to begin harvest

THE ANXIOUS wait for winter croppers across the country continues with further rain this week delaying the eagerly anticipated start of harvest.

Northern NSW has been one area extremely hard hit by heavy rain.

While there are expected to be heavy crop losses in places due to the falls of in excess of 200mm late in October there is cautious optimism that some crops will be well worthwhile harvesting.

"It is going to depend significantly on local factors, the amount of rain, obviously, but also the soil type and topography," said Grain Producers Australia northern region director Matthew Madden.

"We received the heavy rain and had flooding east of Moree but things were starting to dry out before another 30mm this week, so we're hoping to get harvesting once it dries out again and we'll know a lot more then," Mr Madden said.

Further south, it remains extremely wet in southern NSW.

Centres such as Albury have recorded in excess of 150mm in the past two weeks and there are flood warnings in place for most major rivers in the region, including the Murrumbidgee and Murray, along with tributary creek systems such as the Mirrool Creek.


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