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FARM WEEKLY | The proper use of Overwatch, a chemical from FMC, was the focus of training

A SERIES of training modules have been delivered to agronomists and advisers by FMC to provide an accurate understanding of key considerations for using the herbicide Overwatch.

The herbicide, which was available as a new mode of action to growers for the first time last year, caused a fair bit of controversy and concern after it led to unanticipated levels of bleaching in crops, particularly barley.

Where in-person training has not been a suitable option, FMC has conducted online sessions, including an upcoming webinar which will leverage the Grain Producers Australia (GPA) training platform.

GPA executive officer Colin Bettles said the organisation was hosting the webinar to ensure growers have access to timely, accurate information on how to apply the product correctly, in accordance with the registered label.


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