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FARM WEEKLY | Brad Hogg says ditch Twitter during tough times

CRICKETING legend Brad Hogg has urged farmers to 'get off Twitter' during tough times and instead reach out and get connected with their mates by talking over the phone.

Mr Hogg hails from a Wheatbelt family and is the national ambassador for Grain Producers Australia's Farmer Mates Mental Health program, that's backed by a strong team of partners including Lifeline WA, Rural Aid and Nufarm.

In a new episode of the GPA Farms Advice podcast, with host Jack Creswell, Mr Hogg discusses the importance of staying connected during challenging times such as the heavy rain, which have disrupted this year's harvest in many communities.

"Sometimes being too connected just puts us in a bad spot - so take Twitter off your phone," Mr Hogg said.

"While you're on the tractor... if you want to connect with people, ring them up."


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