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FARM ONLINE | VFF's commodity council withdrawal 'silly stuff' says dairy boss

Commodity group leaders from around the country are voicing concern and displeasure at moves by Victorian Farmers Federation board to sever memberships with representative groups.

Farm Online spoke to key leaders in the space who reiterated groups working in commodities such as dairy, sheep and grains were working towards a profitable and productive future for all farmers.

VFF Grains Council vice-president, grower and long-time representative to Grain Producers Australia, Ryan Milgate, said membership of GPA cost members less than $1 a week for members.

"It's buying us a seat at the table on all sorts of issues, like biosecurity, the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), which is quite a hot topic at the moment, and oversight of the Grains Research Development Corporation," he said.

"You can't just pull out because you perceive you are getting poor representation, there needs to be an alternative put up first."

He said VFF commodity group leaders had no idea - "zero clue" - it was about to happen and members needed the opportunity to ask questions and make decisions on how their money is spent.


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