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FARM ONLINE | How to tackle grain's biggest cost burden - a $2.1b freight fiasco

A new strategy aimed tackling the increasing freight costs required to get Australia's grain harvest to buyers and ensuring global competitiveness has been released in an effort to address these issues now, rather than later.

The roadmap to addressing issues such as disjointed rail and road freight management rules, poor investment in weather-proofing freight routes and thousands of bridge weight restrictions was released by Grain Growers this week.

Farm Online reported that GrainGrowers chairman, Rhys Turton said freight issues would continue to increase with growing grain production across the country.

Fellow industry body, Grain Producers Australia, welcomed the new strategy and hoped to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to campaign for better freight outcomes.

"We know an efficient supply chain is vitally important to the business of growing and selling grain," said chief executive, Colin Bettles.

"We must capture more value, not only for growers, given this is a significant cost of doing business, but also for our industry and the national economy."


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