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FARM ONLINE | Growers keen to retain carbendazim after EU shake up

Australian growers adapting to the European Union's tightening of maximum residue limit (MRL) requirements have hopes pinned on the ongoing use of carbendazim.

The fungicide offers the most effective option for to control ascochyta blight in pulse crops and is currently limited to two applications, with Grain Producers Australia recommending use in early stages of crop growth only.

Farm Online reported the EU controls also had haloxyfop under the microscope.

Grain Producers Australia (GPA) research and development (R&D) spokesperson Andrew Weidemann said there were other tools in the toolbox when it came to haloxyfop.

However, he said farmers were keen to retain the use of carbendazim because of Australia's limited pool of pulse fungicide products and modes of action.

"There aren't really a lot of tools in the shed so we would like to at least retain some use of carbendazim within our systems and we're confident that by using it sparingly early in the season we will be able to manage our MRL obligations and keep on top of disease," he said.


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