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FARM ONLINE | Grains industry rejects biosecurity levy, GPA survey finds

The grains industry has overwhelmingly rejected the government's "insulting" 10pc biosecurity levy.

A survey by Grain Producers Australia found 84pc of growers didn't agree with the biosecurity levy, only 4pc agreed with the measure and 13pc wanted more details.

The survey also found 98.6pc of farmers were outraged the industry had been targeted by a new levy, when the importers who create the biosecurity risks were yet to face a new levy on shipping containers.

GPA chief executive Colin Bettles said no one disagreed with the need for strong biosecurity.

"[But] growers also find it insulting that they're being asked to pay more in levies when the risk-creators are not paying their fair share and the importers of these biosecurity risks also don't carry the burden of an actual biosecurity incursion and the significant business costs that go with it," Mr Bettles said.


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