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FARM ONLINE | GPA slams 'misleading' government biosecurity consultation process

Repeated claims the Federal Government adequately consulted with industry highlighted in the Senate Inquiry report into the biosecurity tax have been hit with criticism from Grain Producers Australia.

GPA Chair Barry Large said the lack of consultation was clear when you considered the feedback from industry during the inquiry process.

"The references to consultation are grossly misleading and need to be called out," Mr Large said.

The inquiry report found in favour of the biosecurity tax, of which GPA has long-maintained its staunch opposition.

However, Farm Online reported that Mr Large said the rival report prepared by coalition senators on the inquiry committee is where attention should be focused.

"This (coalition) report shows clearly the genuine evidence and reasons why so many farmers are standing up to fight against this tax," he said.

He said government continued to push a flawed narrative in regards to who currently funds biosecurity in Australia.

"The senate inquiry states that 'While primary producers are currently a beneficiary, they don't contribute directly to biosecurity efforts to manage the risks', which is infuriating," he said.

GPA chief executive Colin Bettles said he was deeply concerned with the consultation process, saying much of the detail of the levy was only released retrospectively.

He said the headline numbers looked good in terms of meeting with industry groups, but those groups were not fully aware of what was being proposed.


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