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FARM ONLINE | GPA says data shows growers want ZP-50 mouse bait

Growers are overwhelmingly in support of double strength zinc phosphide mouse bait as being their preferred control option.

This is according to a Farm Online report revealing Grain Producers Australia, the group behind securing a now expired emergency permit back in 2021, is seeking permanent registration for the chemistry.

The emergency permit, registered by the chemical regulator, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) expired in December last year and was not renewed by the APVMA.

GPA research and development spokesperson Andrew Weidemann said the time using ZP-50 (50g/kg, as opposed to the permanently registered 25g/kg) had convinced growers of its merits.

"Now that growers have had the direct and practical experience of using ZP-50 in their own businesses, they continue to request access to this product, as a tool in their tool-kit," he said.

A Grain Producers South Australia survey of growers highlighted that 78 per cent of grain producers had experienced crop yield loss due to mice in the past two years.

The survey results also revealed that more than half of participants had used the ZP-50 bait and rated it at nine out of 10 for efficacy.


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