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FARM ONLINE | Biosecurity levy sent to Senate committee for scrutiny

Grain Producers Australia has welcomed the referral of the biosecurity protection levy for further scrutiny via a Senate Inquiry process.

The controversial legislation has been forced upon the industry with little regard for consultation and GPA Chair Barry Large said the inquiry was critical to explore the range of issues with the levy raised by industry.

"From day one, GPA has said the devil's in the detail of this proposal and (the) debate clearly demonstrated this fact," Mr Large, who also met with Agriculture Minister Murray Watt this week to reaffirm opposition to the levy, said.

"The more independent scrutiny that's applied to this policy, the more questions it raises.

"A robust process is needed, and radical overhaul required, before this proposal can actually pass the fairness and equity tests and be supported by producers."

News of the Senate inquiry process follows an announcement of a new panel to give farmers and importers a say on how the biosecurity funding is spent.


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