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GPA Southern Director, Mark Schilling, said India’s suspension of tariffs on Desi chickpeas was good news for Australian producers, opening greater access and opportunity to an important market for this variety of pulses. 

“This notice gives growers the confidence in planting a chickpea crop with little fear of market access issues,” he said. 

“Growers can concentrate on what they do best and continue producing sustainable food for export to important markets, where consumers can also benefit from these high-quality grains.” 

GPA Southern Director, Mark Schilling has welcomed news of the suspension of tariffs on chickpeas for Australian grain producers.

He said the timing of the announcement was useful to growers starting seeding, allowing them the choice to expand or adjust their programs and take advantage of the agronomic benefits of chickpeas in their rotation.


“Chickpeas, as a legume and protein supplier, have benefits to growers' bottom line, as the plant can produce natural nitrogen in the soil to support subsequent seasons and reduce reliance on fertiliser inputs,” Mr Schilling said.  

At the weekend, Grains Australia revealed the Indian Government was suspending the tariffs that had been equivalent to about 66 per cent, with the decision effective until March 31, 2025. 

Tariffs on chickpeas initially equating to 33 per cent were first established by India in 2017/2018, effectively eliminating Australian chickpea exports into India - the world’s biggest consumer of chickpeas. 

Chickpeas are an important commercial crop in NSW and Queensland and becoming more widely grown in southern Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. 

Grains Australia is an initiative of the Grains Research and Development Corporation. GPA supports Grains Australia’s work to consolidate industry good functions and provide greater strategic collaboration to boost efficiencies across industry and governments, and deliver shared benefits for Australian growers, industry and the national economy. 


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