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AUCTIONS PLUS NEWS | Dry seeding pushes on for most as growers adjust canola plantings

Growers are adjusting their plans for canola this season as seeding continues in an unseasonably dry period.

This is according to Grains Producers Australia representatives featured by Auctions Plus News.

While seeding is underway, some growers have been returning or storing canola seed in light of the season break looking later and later by the day.

GPA Chair Barry Large said an April break was best suited to canola's long growing season, with cereals now being increased as conditions remain dry in South Australia, Western Australia and parts of Victoria.

“We’re getting a bit anxious, but I think the anxiousness is worse in WA because of how poor of a season we had last year,” Mr Large said.

“We’ve had 30mm since January and that is unseasonably dry.”

Meanwhile, he said Queensland and northern NSW growers have had ample rain and are verging on too wet in some areas that are still harvesting summer crops such as sorghum.


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