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Grain Producers Australia congratulates Dr Rohan Rainbow for winning CropLife Australia’s 2022 President’s Award, recognising his outstanding contribution to the Australian plant science industry.

The Award was presented by CropLife Australia President Paul Luxton and CEO Mathew Cossey during a special members’ event held in Canberra this week.

Mr Luxton’s speech highlighted multiple examples of Dr Rainbow’s work advancing Australian agriculture; including working on contract with GPA, to help deliver future productivity gains, such as enabling the adoption of autonomous farm machinery.

GPA RD&E Spokesperson and Victorian grain producer, Andrew Weidemann, said the CropLife award reflected Dr Rainbow’s professional contribution to Australian agriculture and grain producers.

Pic: Dr Rohan Rainbow (centre) with CropLife Australia President Paul Luxton (left) and CEO Mathew Cossey (right). Credit: Rachael Lenehan Photography

“GPA understands the value of engaging Rohan’s scientific knowledge and expertise to collaborate with our grower representatives and members to help keep them informed on important issues and strategic developments," he said.

"This professional contribution helps decipher complex issues – such as industry regulations and new crop protection and emerging technologies – to deliver better outcomes on profitability and sustainability for all growers and our industry.

"We congratulate Rohan for this deserving award and accolades, recognising his important contributions and impacts, in many varied roles, over an extended period of time.”

Speech by CropLife Australia President Paul Luxton

This award winner is no stranger anyone in this room, or in Australian agriculture more generally.

Born into a South Australian Family Farming operation, this recipient has been a leader in Australian agriculture for their entire life. They held several research positions while completing a PhD at the University of Adelaide in Soil Physics. Since then, they have continuously influenced Australian and global agriculture.

In addition to academic and scientific contributions, they have served as the GRDC senior plant health manager and held a substantial variety of consultative roles across the industry, interacting with, guiding and mentoring many of the attendees here today. They were also instrumental in the development of the AgVet Collaborative Forum which to this day is delivering outcomes for Australian farmers though access to crop protection products for minor crops and pests.

With networks spanning all levels of government, machinery, life science companies, researchers, and grower organisations, they have been instrumental in advancing conservation agriculture practices, agronomy, agricultural engineering, robotics and automation, precision agriculture, digital agriculture and big data across Australia, and the world.

Their extensive publications include development of an industry Code of Practice for Agricultural Field Machine Autonomy, Genetically Modified Organism Herbicide Tolerance Trait Review for the OGTTR, and CropLife’s own “Official Australian Reference guide for organic, synthetic and biological pesticides”.

While they may not have single-handily carried Australian agriculture into the 21st century, they’ve certainly been at its forefront, while frequently accompanying the entire industry with selected pieces played on their extremely extensive guitar collection. I am pleased to extend the 2021/22 Presidents award to Dr Rohan Rainbow. Rohan, please come forward.



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