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ABC Victoria Country Hour | Andrew Weidemann AM Interview: Glyphosate Safety and New Class Action

Grain Producers Australia Southern Director, Andrew Weidemann AM spoke to ABC Victoria Country Hour about the class action starting this week in a Federal Court trial in Melbourne regarding the safety of glyphosate and allegations the weed killing product has caused non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Mr Weidemann reiterated the importance of glyphosate to farmers to help produce food sustainably and affordably, and that the chemical is safe when used according to label directions.

He said the case in Australia is entirely different to others held in the US for example, where the hearings have been run before a jury and the focus has been on emotion and politics, rather than scientific facts about product safety.

"In this case we're looking at here (in Australia) is a situation where we will have a judge only that will be dealing in the facts - and the facts that have been demonstrated in the last seven court cases globally has been moved in favour of the (safe) usage of the chemical," he said.


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