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ABC RURAL | Australian grain growers urged to support farmers and citizens in war-torn Ukraine

There's a renewed call for Australian farmers to support their counterparts in Ukraine by donating grain that will be sold to raise money for aid groups operating in the war zone.

The call comes almost 12 months after Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24 last year.

The Grain4Ukraine fundraising drive was launched in April, and called on farmers to donate grain, display the Ukrainian flag on farm machinery and post photographs to social media.

It's an initiative of national lobby group Grain Producers Australia (GPA), which has established a subcommittee to oversee it.

GPA chief executive Colin Bettles said the appeal was born out of a desire from farmers in Australia to show solidarity with Ukrainians.

Mr Bettles said while some farmers had donated grain, he hoped a larger slice of the near-record predicted 62 million tonne national crop would be offered up.

"The war's not front page news now so it's probably slipped from front of mind for a lot of growers, and it was a particularly challenging harvest for [Australian] growers as well," he said.

"But if anyone does have grain they want to donate, the war is continuing and the facility is there, so we'll continue encouraging people to donate."


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