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ABC COUNTRY HOUR | Protecting crops from crop-eating pests: mouse bait access

GPA’s work to support Australian grain producers with being able to access new technologies and tools to help control mice and protect their crops from these profit-eating pests was discussed on ABC Country Hour this week. 


GPA Southern Region Director and RD&E Spokesperson Andrew Weidemann, who farms at Rupanyup in Victoria, spoke about the science that backs using the ZP50 formulation. 


He also spoke about GPA's ongoing work to inform the APVMA’s processes, to assess GPA’s application for an extension of the APVMA permit. This Permit allows ZP50 to be legally manufactured and used by growers but expired at the end of last year. 


"The situation for this season is that the only available bait for growers is the ZP25 products, which has been the regulation bait over the last 20 years essentially, and that's where unfortunately the situation sits at the moment," he said.  

Mr Weidemann said there was CSIRO research that backed the efficacy of the ZP50 product, but there were also other factors at play when the regulator was making a permit decision. He said GPA would continue to work with the APVMA to support their processes. 


The interview also referred to a recent survey by Grain Producers South Australia (GPSA) which reported growers are experiencing more efficient mouse kill from the ZP50 bait, therefore reducing the amount of times they need to bait. 



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